We are always looking for new faces to join the MYMO family. 

Do you have the right mix of good mindset, character and looks? 

Are you at least 1.72 / 5’7” (Girls) or 1.83 / 6’0” (Boys) ? 

Than we are very happy to hear from you! 

You can apply below by entering your details or you can send all the required information and pictures to: info@mymomanagement.com

Photo Requirements* 

Please submit five photos of yourself: 
full-length, waist-up, close-up, a profile and a smiling one. 


These photos don’t need to be professionally done, but there are some guideliness: 
•Shoot your photos in natural daylight without any filters. 
•Wear a simple outfit, skinny jeans and a sleeveless plain colored top for girls; form-fitting jeans and a solid t-shirt for guys. 
•Please wear your hair down and no make-up, we would love to see you as natural as possible!




If we are interested in meeting you, we will contact you within 2 weeks. 

Unfortunatly we are not able to respond to every submission. 
You may not hear back from us and that could be for many reasons. The fashion industry is constantly changing. Becoming a model is equal parts talent, hard work and timing!


We look forward to hearing from you.

Love, MYMO team